About us

A passion for cycling

At On Your Bike we love riding. Road cycling, mountain biking, gravel, BMX racing, we've tried it all!

We are also passionate about bikes, components and the latest trends in cycling. This means we can give you bespoke advice and service for you and your bike.

As expected, we are professionally trained to repair, maintain and service bicycles, putting safety and performance at the heart of our work.

Our Workshop

Here is some of our latest work.

New bike set-up

If you order a new bike and have it delivered directly to you, we can put it together out of the box.

Commuter bike upgrades

We can add accessories to your commuter bike and improve your journey!

Complete bike build-up

Starting from the frame, we can build the bike of your dreams! And advise you on components to suit your needs.

Bike repairs - Bicycle servicing - Drivetrain repairs - Brake repairs - Puncture repairs